20 Questions Every Christian Should Be Prepared to Answer from Non-Christians

Christians should always be prepared to defend the faith and answer the questions of unbelievers when the opportunity arises. The Bible states in I Peter 3:15- “to sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that ask you a reason of the hope that is in you.” Here are some very important questions for Christians to always be prepared for.

We know God exist because we exist, the proof is in the pudding or should I say clay. Every creation testify of God’s handy work. Contrary to what is taught in schools by the Rockefeller education curriculum, that everything magically appeared out of no where, is far harder to believe than the existence of God. It has been years now and we cannot come close to  duplicate what God has created. Showing we are not just star dust, we are well thought out creations, and wonderfully made. Even in our creation there are engineering  ideas, for future technology also God also lay his signature in every creation its either the number of 3 for the holy trinity, Y for Yeshua or Yahweh, or the t cell that shape like a cross to show he was going to die for our sins. I recommend to spend time in his words, straight from his mouth and you too will hear his voice.

God doesn’t really send us to hell, it is our action that really send us to hell. Imagine you have a nice kept clean house, and a mature person keeps come in and trash your home, when you constantly tell them not to. Eventually, that guest will not be welcome in your nice home, because they taking advantage of you and not concern about your will or feelings. That’s what happen when we constantly sin with a reprobate mind. It is our unbelieving disobedience that send people to hell.

The Bible is compose of many books from people that encounter the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit gives people inside information, of God’s will or He will talk to them Himself. As it says, “Thus says the Lord”. The Holy Spirit escribe every word and record that perceived out of God’s mouth. As angel messengers inspire us to deliver the message to his people to overcome this world. 


As previously stated the Bible is many testimonies of the Holy spirit message to the masses. Like imagine if you are in a courtroom. Would you believe the testimony of one witness, or would you believe the testimony of many witnesses. That is why Jesus chose 12 disciples to witness what is about to transpire in his time. One a tax collector that can take a account, and the others has their own ability or gifts that can take record and step out in faith. So that’s why the Bible stand above, all other books. To be written by many prophets, apostles and sound like one person wrote it, It can only be the Holy Spirit that was speaking through these witnesses.

It has been taught evil comes helel Satan spirit, that was being drained into the tree of good and evil. My theory evil is birth from darkness, if you think of evil nature. It always want to corrupt what is good or destroy till there is nothingness. My theory evil darkness has a conscious too and like a disease it spreads. I am sure God is aware of this, that’s why He made the Messiah from the begin, to stop every snare from the enemy. But when Hele-Satan was waiting to fourth the sun, he was infected by the darkness. Thus he was good till, evil was found in him, just to say even the devil is getting played. Like the ying yang theory, God’s light is life itself and Evil is the void of darkness nothingness and it want to keep it that way or corrupts Gods creation. Yet, our God the father is far greater because in his most high energy creates existence. Without him nothing, not even rocks or water will exist.

If you are Christian, and marry a non-believer that itself can be problematic. The non-believer can go against what the holy spirit tells you in the spirit, or by prophecy. Even a lukewarm person can persuade you to step away from the faith with constant distractions of arguments, entertainment, and earthly desires. That is speaking with experience, I always felt I had a ministry inside of me but my past relationships before my wife, always pull me back into the world of distraction and addictions. So its important to find some one equally yoke, equally discipline in following Christ, so you are not alone when it comes to the Lord or any business.

As Jesus stated in John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. There is a harder way for Jews to enter heaven by living by the old covenant law, but that requires following the law to a T. But the Lord knows we are not perfect, that’s why Yahweh sent his son Yeshua-Jesus-Immanuel-Christ our Lord to die for our sin. That everyone has the opportunity to enter the kingdom of heaven.

If you are a non-believer of Jesus Christ, What question would you about him or ask him?