[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]From the beginning Yahweh existed for a long time in a dwelling place that is pure energy and light everywhere similar to the ying yang symbol but yahweh also created the Yang the darkness, to better separate his energy as individuals and move around more freely. Then in need to share his love he created his first creation the gift of all reality the head Prince MHKL- which we all know as Yeshua-Jesus and through him created all things, Including the .multiple universes through our cosmos. After the world was created and celebrated the first sabbath as one creation. Yeshua and YahWeh put the morning star halel that was so dedicated in charge to watch our earth, during this time halel which known as Lucifer started experimenting creating life making the Prehistoric ages, during  that time he created the most scariest over size creatures in attempt recreate what Yeshua already made. Now if you study close God’s creation and Lucifer creation you can see the difference and delicate beauty that would make it hard to move around in the same reality. He also convinced many angels this is the what Yahweh wanted. While Yeshua was in distant universe felt his creation was being oppressed by Lucifer so he came back, and knowing the truth already ask Lucifer what he have done he started to lie and then got angry at god because god called him on his lie. Then a big fight break out, and the Lord of Armies won flawlessly also being upset of Lucifer doing this to his creatures, He turn him into a Dragon better than everything Lucifer ever created and throw him down to earth with his followers,  killing every creation Lucifer ever made except the ones Yeshua created. Apparently China witness event, seeing and sharing the story of the falling Dragon sending seven stars with him, it can be debated if those stars was following angels or meteors to put dinosaurs in a sulfur pit. Funny I mentioned that also, In Revelations paints a picture that’s also going to be the results of the disobedient ones who will try attack heaven, that’s above them. You ever been in an airplane and wonder why the clouds look like they are sitting on a level, lol I am pretty sure people try sit on a cloud before and go right through but tha’ts how Revelation describes new Jerusalem ascending from the clouds.

Back to the History, Lucifer fall was the first break up of our land which scientist calls the pengia, where all the land was like a loaf of land. Then he created Adam and Eve with his soul in them to redeem mankind.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]